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Default Caterpillar: A BPMN-based BPMS for Ethereum

BPMN execution engine on Ethereum

Caterpillar is a Business Process Management System (BPMS) that runs on top of Ethereum and that relies on the translation of process models into smart contracts. More specifically, Caterpillar accepts as input a process model specified in BPMN and generates a set of smart contracts that captures the underlying behavior. The smart contracts, written in Ethereum's Solidity language, can then be compiled and deployed to the public or any other private Ethereum network using standard tools. Moreover, Caterpillar exhibits a REST API that can be used to interact with running instances of the deployed process models.

Caterpillar also provides a set of modelling tools and an execution panel which interact with the underlying execution engine via the aforementioned REST API. The latter can also be used by third party software to interact in a programmatic way via Caterpillar with the instances of business process running on the blockchain.

The prototype has two versions. We are currently developing the version v2.0, which follows a different approach from v1.0. However, we kept the source code of v1.0 as a reference, although we are not currently working on such an implementation.

The approach implemented by the v2.0 can be accessed from:

The paper describing the Role Dynamic Binding and Access Control implemented by v2.1 can be accessed from:

More detailed documentation on how to use Caterpillar (v2.0 and v2.1) can be found at:

Additionally, a demo paper about v1.0: can be accessed from:

Caterpillar’s code distribution in this repository contains three different folders in v1.0 and two in v2.0. The folder caterpillar_core includes the implementation of the core components, execution_panel consists of the code of a BPMN visualizer that serves to keep track of the execution state of process instances and to lets users check in process data. The services_manager folder contains the implementation for an external service which is used only in v1.0 for demonstration purposes. In v2.1, the source code is in the folder labelled as "prototype". Besides, the folder "Dynamic Binding Example" contains the binding policy and BPMN model used as running example in

For running Caterpillar locally, download the source code from the repository and follow the next steps to set up the applications and install the required dependencies. For running caterpillar from a Docker image go directly to the last section of this document. Be aware that the Docker image works only on the version v1.0.

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